A New Medium

Welcome to the new way to converse: a platform powered entirely by your voice. Verse is about moving away from transactional messaging and creating more humanized connections through voice notes. It is a platform to share your real thoughts (however trivial or meaningful), instantaneously with those that you care about. With the simple ‘tap to record’ functionality that rapidly transcribes your voice to text and speech in 40+ languages; multitasking and connecting with others across the world just got easier and more thumbs free. Verse is fast, private and secure. The more thoughts shared, the better the Verse experience becomes. While our transcriber and translator is not 100% accurate today, our goal is to get better through our machine learning platform.

Key Features

  • Discover people to follow by linking Verse to your smartphone address book
  • Search names and handels to find public profiles to follow
  • With one simple ‘tap to record’, post a voice note in a private message or in the news feed
  • Edit the transcribed text if it’s not completely accurate
  • Add a photo to your post for a bit more fun!
  • Record, playback and read a message in your preferred language (selecting from 40+ languages)
  • Receive notifications when a contact posts a Verse to you or the feed
  • Respond in the moment and join the conversation!

Your Privacy

We don’t monitor your location, mine your conversations or bombard you with ads that you haven’t subscribed to. On the odd occasion we might give you the opportunity to provide your voice & thoughts on some of the brands you love in order to help them improve their experience. However, it is totally up to you whether you opt-in and participate. At the end of the day, we just want you to enjoy real conversations with those that you care about!