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ShaMa Foundation

Active since 2015, and incorporated in 2018 – ShaMa foundation is an international, non–profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the United States. The Foundation’s charter is to help provide safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities in rural and remote regions of developing world. In addition, Foundation is also working on digital connectivity of rural areas by leveraging sustainable and low-cost technologies.

In 2018, Foundation executed 19 projects across 9 Districts of Bhutan, equipping schools in rural areas with more than 70 world class gravity water purifiers, along with construction and maintenance of multiple sanitation facilities. These projects served 3200+ students and 300+ staff members, providing safe drinking water and protecting them from water-borne infections. The Foundation also established a Village Hub in one of the most remote districts of Bhutan, equipping it with computers and Internet connectivity. As next step, Foundation is now focusing on economic inclusion, introducing digital banking facilities in these remote locations.


ShaMa Foundation is one of the early adopters of Verse, we have been impressed with accuracy of platform's real-time language translation capability. We foresee a huge potential for Verse as it is demolishing the long-standing language barriers and uniting the world unlike any other communication platform.

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