Finding contacts
Verse’s contact list is linked to the personal contacts on your phone. That’s why when you first sign-up, we request your permission to access your phone address book. You are able to see who has downloaded verse via the Contacts section in the menu. You then have the ability to follow, invite or block anyone within your personal phone contact list. We also have a new feature where you can search and follow contacts who have a ‘public’ profile (by name or handel), but are not in your mobile contacts.

Inviting friends
You are able to invite friends who haven't downloaded the app in the Contacts section in the menu (provided you already have their number in your phone contacts)

Who can I message?
You are able to message anyone you are following on Verse from your phone contact list.

Who can view and listen to my posts in the feed?
Anyone who is following you from your contact list is able to listen to your public posts in the feed.

How long can I record for?
Recordings to both the feed and messages are 30 seconds long.

Can I attach an image?
Users are able to attach an image from their camera roll to a message or a post to the feed.

To see your recent notifications, click on the bell icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

Translation Assistant
Verse has a translation assistant available that will translate and ‘voice-over’ your original recording in to another language. We currently have 40+ languages available.

Play buttons
Your can easily navigate messages and the feed through the colour coding of the play buttons: pink - your voice message; blue - other user’s voice messages; green - the translation assistant’s voice message.

Your Account

How do I change my profile name?
You can change your profile name and profile settings via the Profile section in the menu. Simply tap on the section you would like to change and it is easily edited there. Your friends will still be able to find you if you change your profile name as you are linked to their contacts list via your phone number.

What do I do if my nickname/handel is taken?
Unfortunately we are on a first come basis. Please try adding your favorite number or alias.

Logging out
You are able to log out of your account by selecting the ‘Logout’ option in the menu.

Delete my Verse account
To delete your Verse account, simply delete the app. We will suspend your account after 60 days of no use.

My phone was stolen. What do I do?
If you change your number, you will be required to sign-up again. Since your past content is tied to your previous phone number (shared between you and your contacts), it will not be available with this new number. We currently do not support an offline version. Everything stays in the cloud for privacy and security reasons.